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We choose to place asset allocation as the center piece of our investment process. Our decision making framework is focused on broad asset allocation which extends beyond traditional asset classes of equities and fixed income and into different asset classes, risk factors and investment styles. A bias toward alternatives can increase returns with greater diversification while simultaneously reducing overall risk.

The Catalyst Process

Like you, we care about your goals, setting them, pursuing them and above all, reaching them. And we believe a goals-based wealth management approach (GBWM) is the best way to make it happen. A GBWM approach forges a link between financial planning, investment advice and risk management. This approach starts with understanding and recognizing biases – in a way that compels you to be objective and focused on outcomes.

Identifying goals and objectives

We help you identify and define your needs in addition to your long-term financial goals so you can thoughtfully craft an investment plan suited to your unique situation.

Gather data

This step can feel overwhelming. We simplify the process by asking for copies of your statements and other relevant information to aggregate and review on your behalf.

Determining risk tolerance

In order to make sure the underlying risk is appropriate for the asset classes selected, we have you complete a risk tolerance questionnaire to provide clarity as to your individual level of risk.

Portfolio Construction and Management

Portfolio management is integrated with your individual risk tolerance by spreading the risk among various asset classes to achieve stated goals and objectives. It is designed to maximize the risk adjusted rate of return by balancing diversification.

Manage Portfolio and Monitor Investments

Strategic targets and permissible asset allocation ranges are established and monitored based on the personal preferences. Rebalancing is done as needed if your portfolio becomes over or underweighted.

Tax and Risk Management

Taxes can diminish a good portion of your total return and significantly reduce your chances of attaining your financial goals. To that end, we address tax management at all levels of the investment process from portfolio design, manager selection, continual monitoring, and portfolio management.

The Catalyst Difference

At Catalyst Wealth we aim to achieve the most effective asset allocation within your portfolio in any given market environment. By incorporating and emphasizing various asset classes including alternatives, we are able offer a higher level of risk mitigation to achieve portfolio results.


Catalyst Wealth offers a complimentary review of asset classes in order to obtain a point of reference to determine current diversification and risk exposure for achieving your goals and objectives. To learn more contact us today.

450 Skokie Blvd, #507 Northbrook, IL 60062 – Directions

    450 Skokie Blvd, #507 Northbrook, IL 60062 – Directions